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I had just bought the mascara and after using it I put it in my bathroom drawer but the following day I was unable to locate it. I searched everywhere but it was nowhere to be found. Thankfully I was given another tube of mascara but it went missing as well. No matter where I searched it could not be found. A few days later my daughter gave me another tube of mascara for my birthday and that too went missing. It was like they all fell into a black hole. The first time I figured I'd just misplaced it somehow. But three times within a short amount of time made no sense. I began to believe that Satan had stolen them. Nothing else made sense.

Recently, as I was doing my quiet time, I realized that Satan has stolen from me many other times in my life. He stole my boyfriend from me when he drowned, he stole my biological father from me, he stole my money, he's stolen my dreams, he stole things from my home when our home was robbed, he stole peace from my life, he also stole away pleasures of mine, and he stole my children's childhood . . . Over and over, I have realized just how many things he has stolen from me. But now I know I have the power to command him to stop stealing from me. I can tell him that my money is mine, my children are mine, my home is mine, my car is mine, my mascara is mine . . . I belong to God. He no longer has the ability to steal from me. I have set a boundary and limit and God is out to protect it.

Satan is out to steal, kill and destroy every part of us and our lives. It's time that we all take a stand and take back what Satan has stolen from us. We belong to God. Satan can no longer steal from us.

What have you allowed Satan to steal from you? It is time for us to command Satan to stop stealing from us. We belong to God. Satan has no more claim on us, our children, or our families. God bought us with a price, His life on the cross. Every single one of us belongs to the King. It's time we claim what is ours!


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