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Service of Humility

I grew up in a church where every quarter we had communion, and we would divide into groups of women, men, and families. Each group would head to a room and pair up so we could wash each other's feet. We would pour warm water into bowls, and one person would kneel down and wash their partner's feet, dry them and pray with them and then we would switch. This is not a service that many churches do, but something is humbling about this activity. Jesus did this with His disciples. He was God, the creator of the universe, and yet He humbled Himself and knelt down and washed His disciple's feet. He was not too afraid, too proudful, too arrogant, too high and mighty to serve the lowliest of people and to become as humble as a servant. This is a thought I have been wrestling with in my mind over the past few weeks. This is what service is all about. Daily people come into our paths. We have a choice to be kind, compassionate, thoughtful, and humble as a servant or to criticize them because they are not wearing designer clothes, or because they are begging for food, or because their clothes are filthy or their hair is unkempt, or they act weird, or they don't look like us, or they don't do what we want them to. As Christians, I am reminded of how kind Jesus was when He was on this earth. Instead of criticism, judgment, and condescension. He showed love to all that He met. He became a servant to the people He had created. Instead of arrogance and pride because of His status, He became a servant, humbled himself, and knelt down to do a job that most would not consider doing. He washed the feet of His imperfect disciples. It was a service of humility. His leadership was even more powerful because He humbled himself and served the people He discipled.

My prayer is that each of us will be humble, just like Christ. May we also become people who are willing and ready to become servants for others. Heavenly Father, soften our hearts and help each of us become people who have a heart and love for everyone we come in contact with us. Fill us with your compassion, your gentleness, your kindness, and your humility.


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