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Mountains Removed

When I was having my quiet time with God, I read a post from Pastor Daniel Okpara. It was a prayer of declaration. The thing that stood out in my mind was God melting our mountains. That thought filled me with joy.

We often look at our mountains and can’t figure out a way to get through them, around them, over them, or under them. It all seems impossible. But God promises us that, ”Nothing is impossible with Him!” This means that He can melt our mountains, so they no longer surround us. This is a powerful concept. We need to realize that there is no challenge, no need, no difficulty, and no situation that is too difficult for God to handle.

Thinking about this thought sent me back in time. I was surrounded by a situation that broke my heart and sent splinters of pain and anguish into our family. My son was being abused during visits with his father, and the abuse was severe. His pain ebbed into the darkness of the night and disturbed our peace. Our days were also consumed with fear, anguish, and pain. There seemed no way to help the magistrate understand the situation. He suffered for years! I fought valiantly to help him, but nothing happened. It hurt to know that I had to send him on visits. In desperation, I finally reached out to local churches to pray for him. My friends and I also prayed. Finally, when he was seven years old, he drew graphic pictures of what was happening to him during his visits. I took these pictures to the courts and filed an ex-part order to suspend visitations. We had our hearing, but it was continued because there was more to process. The week the court case was continued, my son was hospitalized. He had lost touch with reality and didn’t know who I was or where he was. He needed medical help. He was released only to return again. The hearing was continued when he was in the hospital his second time. Thankfully this time, the magistrate listened to the doctor’s recommendation. All visits were suspended, and all communication with his father was stopped. Our case was literally closed and thrown out of the courts. The mountain we had been facing for years was suddenly melted down before our eyes. God heard our cries, our prayers, our petitions, and he answered in a mighty way. I Corinthians 10:13 says, ”No trial has seized you except what is common to man. But God is faithful. He will not let you be tried beyond what you can bear, but He will provide a way of escape for you I stand up under it.’”

Maybe a mountain consumes your life, and it seems impossible to ever resolve the issue you face in your life. Take your problem to God. Luke 1:37 says that, "Nothing is impossible for God." May we focus on our mighty God rather than our problems.


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