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Recently, I have been completing a ton of training as I open the doors God has for my life. I am not free to share all that is happening right now but in time I will share as this journey eventually takes wing. Today, I ache to share thoughts that will not leave my mind. In my training, God has helped me uncover truths that have been buried and locked inside of me for so long. He ached for me to understand that for so long in my grief that I didn’t allow all pieces of myself to show. I allowed grief to steal my happiness and joy. For so many years I walked down a road of so much pain and heartache. Happiness which has a gift of hope felt so elusive for so many years. My long difficult journey of pushing joy away did serve me though as it helped me begin the process of identifying my true feelings and it caused my writing to improve. For so long though life felt so hopeless and impossible. There was a heaviness to my life. I went through the motions of doing all I needed to do but inside I was so sad.

Thankfully though, God brought a friend into my life who showed me how to find happiness again. His laughter and joy reminded me that I too could laugh again. It began to melt away the sadness that had trapped me for so long. Happiness wasn’t as impossible as it had once seemed. He came along when I was beginning to slip and when my life was beginning to feel so hopeless and impossible. Over and over again God would bring him into my life so he could encourage me and keep me from slipping. Even now I am thankful for this person that has blessed my heart so much. His friendship helped me realize that my life could change. God also helped me begin the process of changing. Healing slowly began to happen. I began to live with more joy and happiness than pain.

I share this story for each of you. I do not know your story but I do serve a God who aches to take the pain and suffering in your heart and mind away. He aches to make you whole again. My prayer for each of you is that God will bring people into your path who will help point you in the direction of hope and happiness again. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that God may help each of you reclaim all that Satan has stolen from you. May you begin to heal. May He right you so that you can accomplish the purpose, plan, and destiny He has for your lives.


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