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God's Purpose, Plan and Destiny

As a child, I was always shy. Timidity and shyness have followed me for much of my life. But today, as I was peeling eggs to make egg salad, a vision was placed in my mind of my time in high school. I was in my English class, and we had begun to do communications assignments in which everyone in my class had to get up and do public speaking. I will never forget our first assignment. Our teacher had placed a basket in the front of the room with small folded papers for us to choose from when we got up in front of the class. We were all doing impromptu speeches. I had never done many things in front of my class until that day. I remember that day vividly. I even remember what was on the slip of paper I drew. My teacher was also a music teacher, so I wasn't shocked when I read, "Tell how to hum while you speak." I shared and did okay despite my shyness, and amazingly I enjoyed myself. When I sat down, I remember thinking to myself, "I liked that." It was then that I realized that public speaking wasn't so bad.

Flip forward a few more years. I had the opportunity to share a prayer ministry segment for the church and enjoyed myself despite having my shoe slip off my foot when I got up to speak. A few years later, God reminded me of how in large group training, I had a difficult time keeping my mouth shut. Then I could see God chuckling and laughing as he replayed that day in my mind. "That was my Debbie. Even then, she was doing the thing I created her to do."

A few years later, after sharing my testimony, I began to say, "I think I would enjoy doing public speaking." I began to pray to God. "Lord, maybe it's just something I'd enjoy. Show me if it's your plan."

Days later, I walked into a group, and a lady from the group came up to me. "You have a calling on your life to do public speaking. I see it every time you speak."

I about fell over. God had confirmed His desire for my life.

Today during my quiet time with God, my prayer was, "Open my eyes." As I was working later in the day, my life's memories began to flood through my mind. "Debbie, you weren't meant to shut your mouth. You were given the gift of public speaking. I made you that way for a reason." And God began to smile and laugh as He and I watched the scenes He brought to my mind. "This is my plan for your life. This is who I created you to be," He said to me with a twinkle in His eyes.

Each and every one of us have gifts and talents that God has given us. It is time for us to ask God to help us know the purpose, plan, and destiny He has for our lives. The reason we do the things we do is because God designed us that way. Father, help us become those people you designed us to be. Help us achieve the purpose, plan, and destiny you have for our lives. Amen.


Debbie Gordon
Debbie Gordon
Jun 15, 2020

Thanks so much for your positive encouragement! Your ministry has been such a blessing! I just started a pod cast this weekend. It will be interesting to see what God does. I know God will lead. You are right. It is never too late!


Hi Debby, I read this post and wanted to tell you that you also write great. I believe God's Spirit in me is saying, "tell her to open her mouth and God will fill it."

I'm glad you are seeing what you were supposed to become. The good news is that it's not late.

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