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Embracing Our Truths

This week I will teach a lesson that I have been thinking about all week. All of my training is causing me to embrace truths and discover how to find healing and wholeness in our lives. I have to share something that God helped me uncover five years ago when I finally began grasping the truth beyond things I had grown up believing during my childhood. With God’s help, I began understanding that staying in the church I was in was destroying me. Instead of being supported and encouraged, I was treated like a black sheep, unsupported, and unloved. People didn’t see my gifts and I couldn’t achieve the dream God had for my life. But thankfully God finally carried me away and helped me understand the truth that a denomination is not going to save me only my relationship with God will save me. For my own wholeness, I had to step away.

I want to write to help each of you unearth these beliefs in your own lives. As young children, we form stories in our minds around things that happen in our lives. It’s our mind's way of making sense of our world. Our subconscious forms these beliefs and continues to help our brains recognize them as truths. These stories though often are not true as they were formed when we were children and didn’t have all the information needed to truthfully understand situations.

As the years go by, we are also told by society, our churches, our friends, and our family things like you are too loud, you are too wild, that idea is crazy, you can’t do that, that’s not going to work, you can’t go to a different church, you can’t marry because you must devote your lives to God, you must stay in a marriage even if you are miserable, that dream will never work, be quiet, you are too young to help with this . . . But what happens when we listen to these things is we stop embracing the truths in ourselves. We stop shining, we stop aiming for the dreams that have always been alive in our hearts, and we stop being true to who we are. When we do this parts of us die and we are unable to achieve the larger plans and destinies that we were created to achieve. People then aren’t truthful to themselves, who they love, what they want, where they want to go, where they want to live, what they truly want to do. They compromise, they hold themselves back from what they really want, and in the end, they suffer. I write to help each of you begin to think through these things so you can begin to unearth the purpose, plan, and destiny God has for your lives.

My prayer for you tonight is that God will help each of you unearth the truths beyond the beliefs that you formed as a young child. May God, help you stop believing these lies and begin living the life God always intended for you. Father, I ask that you will speak into each person’s life tonight and share truths that they need to hear. Help each person begin to believe the truths rather than the lies.


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