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Crawling. How many of you have weeks where you feel like you are crawling? Maybe you are feeling sick, exhausted, or caring for sick children. Sometimes life can move in slow motion. This has been my week this week. Every second of my days this week has been spent trying to breathe. A short walk has left me in pain and winded. Climbing steps has resulted in coughing and pain as I've tried to catch my breath. I have been wheezing and struggling all week. I finally had to check into the emergency room for help. Everything I have needed to do this week has been scooped to the side so I can care for myself. My newly releasing book, my cover design for my book, commitments, and tasks around my home have been scooped to the side. I have had to rest after everything I do, and breathing treatments and meeting with my specialist have been added to my week. Mowing my lawn was done one small section at a time with tons of breaks. I have been crawling through my week. Maybe you can relate.

Life can sometimes progress at the speed of light. Maybe it feels like you are on a treadmill with the speed turned up to 100 miles per hour. Then there are days when you may feel drained or sick and need to slow down. Maybe you need to crawl for a bit. It's okay. Remember that the priority is to take care of yourself. You can't help anyone unless you care for yourself and your needs.

So often, we forget the importance of taking care of ourselves, but this self-care is super important. We are no good to anyone if we don't take the time to fill ourselves with these necessary things. This is part of the balance in our life.

What things do you need to do for yourself today to help you find the balance you need? Do you need to sit down for a bit and read? Do you need to take a walk outside? Do you need to play music or listen to music? Or do you need to take a bath or shower? Don't be afraid to carve these needs into each of your days. It will help you recharge and reconnect with yourself so you can manage your life better.

May God help you find ways to prioritize your needs so you can find the peace and serenity that you need in life. May God bless you with the wisdom and insight that you need today.


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