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An Open Door

Sometimes God amazes me. Today is one of those days. For the past few weeks, I have sensed God propelling me through a new door. My publisher also encouraged me to open this new door. Today I was reminded of the saying, "God doesn't call the qualified. He qualifies the called." I think about David. He was a Shepherd, and yet he became a king. Then there is Joseph, who was in prison and he became the second in command of Egypt. Paul was killing God's people, and yet God raised him to be a pastor. There are many stories of God calling His people into positions and qualifying them for the purpose He had in mind for them.

Three months ago, my first book launched. Afterward, my publisher and I were on the phone discussing my ministry and business. She encouraged me to open the doors into grief recovery. I have proceeded to open doors into this ministry. I have also searched for seminars to train me. Amazingly, God has been good. He dropped a free grief summit into my lap that was a blessing. I began to connect with the top gurus in the field of grief and loss. In the meantime, I continued to pray, seeking God for help, wisdom, and opportunities for more training.

Recently, God brought Pastor Opkara's daily broadcasts back into my life, and his ministry began to bless my life. This week I received another free training for grief with the top guru in the field. I learned that they are doing a grief certification program for the next three months to train people to help others who have faced grief and loss. I opened the doors to this training. In two more weeks, I will begin this training. I am thrilled!

Again, I am reminded that God uses willing hearts, and then He begins the work of equipping these people to serve Him in the capacity He envisioned for their lives. Today I am thankful for the unique way God works in our lives to open doors that we cannot fathom. God truly is a God to be praised. He gives us the desires of our hearts.

My prayer is that each of you will listen to God and follow His will. Don't be afraid. He always has the best plans for your life. Allow Him to open the doors He wants you to walk through. Take His hand and follow Him. Nothing is too hard for God to do!


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