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An Exciting Adventure

Writing for me is like a walk in the woods as I walk, I never know what I will find. Maybe it's a fawn just a few feet ahead, a beautiful bird, or the beauty of flowers, or other creatures like frogs, toads, turtles, or foxes. It is all new and exciting. This is what writing is for me. I often write with an idea in my mind. Then I allow that idea to take me wherever it will take me. The destination is up to my mind and my thoughts. The journey is like an adventure in the woods. For me, this is the fantastic pleasure of writing. It's exciting, just like a walk in nature. Many write with outlines. I don't. My outlines are keywords or bullet points of thoughts that I want to write about. Then I free write, not worrying about my spelling, my punctuation, or anything else. The goal is to get my thoughts down on paper. The worry about my punctuation, spelling, etc., will happen when I do the editing later. At first, I must capture what was in my mind and make sure it is on paper. Then I walk away from what I wrote and review it a few hours later or several days later. I then begin adding to my thoughts, rearranging things, and editing for spelling and punctuation. I love writing because it is an exciting journey that takes me to new, unexpected places, just like walking in the woods.

Earlier this year, I began a new book that literally is like a journey in nature. It's my walk into the exciting new opportunities and adventures this year entails. It is all fresh, just as each day is. I don't know what this year holds, but God does, so my book is about the adventure God is taking me on. I take God's hand as He takes me through all of the exciting things that are in store for me. It is just as exciting for me as writing is. I don't have a clue where each new page will lead, but God does. So I take his hand and allow Him to guide me along as I write, dance, and share. I invite you to this exciting unknown trip. This is the fun I have with writing. I never know where it will take me. It's the exhilarating fun that I have.

Today, I invite you to join God. Take His hand. Let Him lead you along as you venture through your life. Let Him guide you. Maybe you are facing difficulties, or perhaps it is exciting new adventures. Don't be afraid. Let Him guide and lead you each and every step of the way. He has amazing plans for your life. I can't wait to hear all that He has in store for you. Let's go out and dance as we enter the new doorways and paths God has in store for us.


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