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A Line

For weeks I have been fighting with myself. My daily journaling was pushed to the side, and I kept reprimanding myself in my mind. I knew it was vital for me to do, but I couldn't do it, at least not the way I had been doing it. For some reason, I needed a change. I was burned out with my old system. So I began talking to God about my difficulty. Please help me, Father, to want to journal again.

Suddenly, I heard the words, "Draw a line."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Just do it, and you will understand."

So I lugged out my journal and drew a vertical line down the middle of the page. Suddenly, I had a plan. I began with my typical gratitude and praises to God. Then I drew a horizontal line. God filled my mind with a Bible text that I wrote down. Then I wrote a short prayer to God. On the other side of the line, I began my intercessory prayers for others. When I was done, I had room to do my daily inventory. I looked over my work and realized God was right. A simple line had made all the difference.

God knows exactly what we need. All we have to do is ask Him. I am thankful for His help. Who would have known that something as simple as a line was the thing I needed to get me going.

What are you struggling with? Talk to God about your problem. Seek His advice. He always has the perfect solution. May we all be willing and ready to ask Him for help and to follow His lead.


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