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A Kind Gesture

Midday, the day became windy, and it began raining. I had run into an appointment at my church, and when I was finished, I walked outside in a downpour. A man standing under the awning had a golf umbrella in his hand. "Here," he said. "Why don't you take this to your car and pull around and give it back to me."

I thanked him. Tears began forming in my eyes as I walked to my car in the rain with the golf umbrella shielding me from the rain. That thoughtful gesture reminded me of Larry, my boyfriend, and his golf umbrella. Years ago, Larry had also offered to let me borrow his golf umbrella. That small gesture from the hospitable man at the church brought back memories.

I was thankful for the golf umbrella. It kept me dry, and the kind gesture reminded me of Larry and his forever kind and generous heart.

What memories have come up for you this week?


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