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A Caged Bird

Has anyone ever felt like a caged bird? You know the situation isn’t ideal, you aren’t exactly happy, you may even be miserable, maybe there is abuse involved, maybe there is terrible pain involved, but you feel trapped just like a caged bird. There doesn’t seem to be any solution. And maybe you just don’t have the strength or courage to leave. I think it’s time I share my story.

I was a young adult who was married to someone who was abusive. Everything was twisted around to being my fault. He became controlling. Then there was the pornography addiction that created issues. He began staying out late at night and coming home at later and later times. His behaviors became stranger and stranger. The breaking point was the day he bought a $20,000 Ford Mustang behind my back. That was my last straw. We couldn’t afford it, and he was hardly working. I had finally reached my limit. The day we separated was difficult. His family came, and all of them attacked me mercilessly. I finally told his mom, “If you have nothing positive to say, don’t say anything at all.” She became silent and eventually, we managed to pack his things up, and they left. Peace poured into my life. I finally mustered the power to let him go. I had lost myself in this marriage. I took care of everyone else except myself. I had a toddler to care for and a husband who was unsupportive and seldom helped me. Letting him go was the best thing I could ever have done. But it wasn’t easy. He began stalking me, and it was terrifying. But he was gone from my apartment, and I finally had peace. I could now be myself. I no longer had to feel afraid, worried about money, be put down and humiliated, or deal with the chaos of his emotional instability. I was finally free! Now I could be myself and carve out my own destiny. I could finally accomplish the dreams that lived inside of me.

What about you? What situation in your life causes you to feel like a caged bird? What are you struggling to let go of? What is it that is holding you back?

Letting go is so hard but remaining miserable is an option. What are you going to choose? Peace or remaining miserable? The choice is always ours. We do have an option. Doors will open for solutions if we allow them to.

Father, today I pray for each person here who is in a difficult, painful, abusive relationship. I also pray for those who are in a loveless relationship and for those who are in an icy cold relationship, and for those who are in a marriage where they are married but living in separate rooms of the home and living separate lives. Father, these people need your help. I know marriage is difficult, but I also know that you do not ask us to be miserable or to be constantly hurt emotionally or physically. I pray that you reach into each of these individuals’ lives and provide the solutions they need so they can step out of insanity. May you help free them from the cage so they can accomplish the dreams you have for their lives.


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