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I'd just gone for a walk at the park and ran a grocery errand. Shortly after returning home, I realized that my cell phone was missing. It was nowhere to be found inside my home, so I went out to search in the car. There was no sign of my phone there either. Could it be at the park? That made no sense to me as I knew that I didn’t have it on me when I opened my trunk to store my personal belongings. I never heard it fall. I decided to pray and wait. Instead of worrying, I decided to leave the entire situation in God’s hands.

The next morning when I woke up, God said, ”I know where your phone is.” I decided to look for it in the parking lot of the park. Again there was no sign of it, so I headed to work. At work, I messaged my daughter that I still could not find my phone.

Around ten o’clock, my daughter messaged me a map of my phone's location. It was at the park, so I messaged the park and told them about my lost phone. They gave me a number to call. I called and gave them my information then I returned to my work.

A few hours later, my daughter sent me a message. Someone had found my phone. A park ranger was going to bring it to me. He wanted to know my work address, so I gave him the information. Twenty minutes later, the ranger arrived with my phone. He told me that a worker had found it in the mulch at the park and turned it in. How it got there, I do not know. Maybe it fell out of my pocket. All I know is that God answered my prayer. I thanked the ranger for bringing my phone to me. God had answered my prayer in a mighty way! Every single detail of my need was answered. I could have stressed myself out, worried, fretted, not slept, etc. But God knew all along where my phone was. When I gave the problem to God and asked for His help, He showed me that He had a solution to my need. I am so thankful to everyone who led me to this amazing answer to my prayer. Because I left the situation in God's hands, I was able to witness an incredible miracle that brightened my day and reminded me that God is in control.

My prayer is that you will relinquish your worries and concerns to God today. He has a solution for every problem that you face.  


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