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A Box has four sides but the thought of a box with sides that expand like latex has been reminding me of how I see myself. God has given me the ability to see the sides of the box I am inside, the constraints of that box but He's given me the vision that I can reach outside of the limits that the edge of the box impose on me. Just like the dot game where we were asked to draw a shape with only four lines, the need to extend outside the confines of the box to hit all the dots with four lines, so I see myself. Daily I wrestle with the confines and limitations of the sides of the box as I seek God for wisdom and guidance as I attack the problems and challenges in my life. But I am realizing that the more I plug into God, spend time with Him during my Quiet Time and pray the more He helps me solve problems that defy the limitations of the edges of the box I have been given. He shows me how to take the banana and turn it upside down so instead of doing the same thing I have been doing, I can step outside of the insanity that isn't working for me and change things by turning the banana upside down. Then I can take and attack the same problem from an entirely different way and finally achieve success. I am no longer limited to the edges of the box. God is showing me that although I continue moving around in the box and stretching and moving past the limits pressed on me as I flex my arms, hands and legs, He is right there with me and with His help I will find the right solution that will move me past the confines where there seems to be only one solution. My mind begins to see multiple solutions and ways around the problems that I face. The edges of the box no longer define me, they no longer challenge my thinking and my outlook. I no longer see what everyone else sees, I see a solution that was created when I allowed God to stretch me and expand me and grow my thinking.

My prayer for each of us is this. May God help us not focus on the problems and challenges and edges of the box that we face but may we instead focus on God. Giving God the problems allows us to commit them to a great God who has no limits and who is no longer confined by the narrowness and restrictions of the four-sided box. He is a God that can part the red sea, that can save people on an arc, that can cause fire to consume a sacrifice that is covered with water, that can raise people from the dead, that can heal the blind, deaf and sick. Nothing at all is too difficult for God. May our problems not limit our thinking. My prayer is that we will see possibilities and hope, not discouragement and depression. Nothing is ever too difficult for God to do. May we hold onto this fact and trust that the God of the Bible is the same God who can do amazing things in our lives even today.

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