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Sometimes God sends people into our lives that are our soulmates. It often happens when we least expect it. They are people that we never knew yet somehow when we are introduced they are so comfortable and familiar just like a pair of old jeans. They connect with us in a way that not everyone does. It’s like they can read us and understand us deeply without us having to even talk. When we meet these individuals we grow and learn things about ourselves that we never realized. It’s like they have a key that unlocks us and causes us to grow and become better people. They deepen our lives. We could talk to these individuals forever because we connect so deeply. Soulmates are a blessing! I am thankful for the people God has brought into my life over the years who have been my soulmate.

One very special soulmate God brought into my life was Larry. He blessed my life so much. I made it through my undergraduate degree because of him. But his life taught me so much too. Males are people I have always been uncomfortable around but Larry was someone I was always comfortable with. As an introvert, he taught me that I do best in small groups. This helps ease my shyness and social anxiety. His gentle, pleasant spirit calmed me and put me at ease. We connected deeply. It felt so normal to be with him. He just fit me in a way I could never have imagined. His life taught me more about myself. Nature is something we both enjoyed. We didn’t need fancy pleasures, all we needed was time together in the simple activities of life. He taught me how to have fun with the simple things. His life also taught me the importance of caring for others. But more than anything he taught me that a relationship starts with a friendship and that conversation should be the foundation of a relationship, not touch. Our friendship was a special one, a once in a lifetime one. I am continually reminded of the blessing he was to me.

Maybe God has brought a soulmate into your life. My prayer is that you will understand the blessing that this person is to you. May you not take this person for granted. They are a gift that doesn't happen all the time. My prayer is that each of us will be thankful for these special people God brings into our lives. It may only be a friendship but no matter the circumstance, know that God has blessed you with someone special. Be sure to thank God for them.

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