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Undivided Attention

Teachers used to say, ”Give me your undivided attention.”  it took a while for me to understand this.  Recently, I have been thinking hard about this as I begin the task of really focusing my attention on God.  It is so easy to be pulled in so many directions by our phones, Facebook, texts, emails, television . . .  Technology is everywhere and we are constantly being distracted.  It's so easy to say we are listening to someone as we scroll through the messages on our phone and only half-heartedly listen.  The concept of undivided attention continues to run through my mind especially as I have pulled away from Facebook in recent weeks.  That break has really allowed me to reassess what undivided attention should mean in my life.  My cat is also teaching me the importance of this as well.  She comes up to me and rubs her face on mine, purrs and rubs her body against me. Her satisfaction comes only when I drop everything I am doing and hold and pet her.  She purrs contentedly.  

God is also teaching me the importance of this.  How often do I get distracted and don't give God my undivided attention?  Lately, in the quiet of the early morning, I am learning to turn off all my distractions and listen to God. I was blessed a couple days ago when I did this. My quiet time was so amazing and I went through my day feeling refreshed, energized and strengthened.

May our New Year's resolution be that we will give God and people our undivided attention this year.  My hope is that we will step away from technology, limit its impact on our lives and take time to listen God and to others.  

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