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Thankfulness. I've been thinking recently about how thankful I am to finally  be working with a Naturopathic Doctor.  For months I have been struggling with medical issues.  Going to traditional doctors hasn't completely resolved my symptoms.  In fact,  one visit led to infusions that left me feeling really rotten.  This week I was scheduled to have more infusions and I canceled the appointment. Then I spoke with my Naturopathic doctor and he told me I did the right thing.  An infusion could worsen my symptoms and overload my liver.  He told me that it had to be formulated with other things to help with the absorption.  A few days ago he prescribed some supplements to help improve the systems in my body that are off and to hopefully begin to help me feel better.  I am grateful for this doctor as he has a wealth of information.  We live in a country where doctors make money keeping us sick.  Some countries pay the doctors once they are healed.  This is not the case in our country so often we are given medications that we have to take for the remainder of our lives rather than medications that will fix the underlying issues and repair us.  I've always known that God made our bodies to heal but healing takes the knowledge and wisdom of doctors that are trained to understand how the body systems work and how to improve the problems that are wrong with these systems.  So much of modern medicine has taken out the thinking.  It's all about flow charts and symptoms.  If this is going on then the doctors do this but what happens when this doesn't work as often it doesn't.  Then what?  I have sat in docor’s offices many times with doctors not sure what to do.  It's all guess work.  Try this medicine and if that doesn't help come see me again.  I'm tired of this approach.  There is a science behind medicine.  We've lost this science in our modern-day practice of medicine.  Yet, thankfully God continues to provide a handful of people who have wisdom that there is a scientific approach that works.  I am super thankful to have this help.  

I am also thankful that God helped me be a person that thinks outside the box.  When I am trapped by a challenge of difficulty I can see many other options and ways to do things.  This allows me to persevere and accomplish the goals God gave me to do.  Sometimes it just means attacking it differently.  Thinking inside a box and only seeing a limited solution to solving things really impacts us.  We get to a dead end and give up but God often has a solution to these road blocks in our lives.  May we be people who see the solutions in our lives and that don't allow our road blocks and difficulties to discourage and depress us.  It may be as simple as inverting our thinking as I had to do with my finances.  May we be open to new solutions and new ways of thinking because when we are God can use us even more.

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