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A Knot

Writing has been challenging lately. I've been unable to tackle anything except editing and preparing my testimony that I'll share in a couple more weeks. Even working on a lesson for a group was challenging this week. I began asking God to help me. I also began asking Him why I was having so much difficulty and suddenly the image of a knot was placed in my mind. It reminded me of the yarn knots I've untangled many times in my lifetime. God explained that with all the trying situations I've been dealing with, my mind was simply in a knot. He told me to take that knot to Him and ask Him to unravel the mess. When He did my writing would again move forward. So I began praying. I still haven't made huge progress with my writing goals but this concept gave me something to write about and my editor and I discussed plans for completing the editing process on my book. The knot is still not totally unraveled but I know that God is putting the pieces together to help me attain my writing goals. My job is to take this difficulty to Him and ask Him for help. With His guidance and help I will again make progress.

What difficulties are you facing today? Do you have a knot in your life right now that is holding you back from doing the tasks God has placed on you to accomplish. My prayer is that you will relinquish this tangle to Him and allow Him to help you. He always has a perfect way and solution to untangle the knots in our lives. Lord, please take these messes in our lives and please untangle them so we can accomplish the tasks you've given us to do.

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