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Gratitude Journal

Negativity is like cancer. It has a way of growing and taking root in our lives just like a weed. When it takes root it permeates our thoughts, destroying our ability to be positive and we become critical of everything. Nothing satisfies us. We become depressed and negative to those around us. Being around people like this is difficult. Their negativity brings with them a cloud of depression that engulfs and overtakes others and if we aren't careful it will consume us.

I learned how to change this in my life and it has helped lose the hold of negativity. In my devotions each day I do a prayer journal. I begin it with several things that I’m thankful for. Doing this sets the mood of my day. I begin my focus on positive things. Then I move into praising God for what He is doing and then I begin to pray for myself and the people God has placed in my life. This discipline keeps me focused on good things. When I focus on positive things I become more positive and it helps me avoid negativity. The other thing I have done is to remove myself from negative people and situations in my life. I have learned that I have a choice. I do not have to be a rug that is trampled on. When things become negative it means it’s time for me to find a different door. I can no longer place myself in negative, critical and legalistic churches. It’s time for me to plug into a faith that fills me up, inspires me and encourages me to be a better person so I can continue to do the job God placed me on this earth to do. I have chosen to fill myself with positivity and when people become negative I pray for them and encourage them to think of three things that they are thankful for. When they think of things to be thankful for this softens their thoughts, brightens their spirits and they become less irritable and negative.

In this season of Thanksgiving, my prayer is that God will help us take the time to be thankful but more than this I hope that this Thanksgiving we begin a daily habit of thinking of three things we are thankful for. Doing this on a regular basis blesses us in many ways. May we become people who are positive. God, please help each of us develop a daily habit of thanking you for the many things you give us each day. Fill us with praise and thanksgiving Lord to lighten our spirits and the spirits of the people you place in our lives.

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