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Kids were admitted to a hospital and had nothing to do other than stare out the huge tower windows of their wing and talk. All their technology was confiscated and they were bored. In their boredom they all began noticing a spider that they named Bob. He was hanging outside the big window near where they sat. He was busily weaving an exquisite web. His activity mesmerized the kids. He became the center of their attention for the next two days. They watched him designing his web, admiring his skill as he hung five stories high on the tower window. He filled their day with pleasure as they had very little else to do. As they sat there admiring his handiwork, a bird suddenly swooped through the air and snatched the spider away. Every child in the room screamed about the horrible situation. Their precious pet spider, Bob, was suddenly gone and they were devastated.  

God cares about even the small details in our life. When kids were bored He provided entertainment but Satan moved in to destroy their pleasure. Yet, God continued to provide for their needs as He always does. Pleasures came through funny stories and visits from the hospital chaplain.  

God allows us to make free choices in this life to marry who we want, to work where we want, to make decisions that we want. Yet, in all of these things God continues to work blessings that will impact us and others.  He has a panoramic view of all that is going on in the world. He sees what people do.  He sees what people need and He sees how to make a difference in all of these situations.  In the dirt and garbage of life, He works to bring changes in hearts and characters, to heal relationships, to bring people to God, to bring them out of legalism, out of addictions, out of anger, out of bitterness . . .  In all God works to heal us, to help us, to bring good and to help us desire for a relationship with Him.  There is nothing too hard for God to do.

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