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Our Purpose

Sometimes I hear people telling me that they don't know what God's purpose is for their lives. This is something that I pray God will help each of us discover because He created us for a reason. He had a plan for our lives but Satan wants so much to remove that reason from our lives. He wants to steal it away and keep us blind about why God created us. His hope is that if he does this then God won't be able to do what He planned to do with our lives.

Often over the years, I have been so absorbed by pain, difficulties, and trials that I've been unable to see much else. So much of my life is similar to the life of Moses. He spent forty years of his life in the wilderness where the purpose God had for his life involved managing mundane duties. But God raised Moses up and returned him to the place where he had grown up, Egypt, and told him that he was to lead his people out of bondage. It was a duty God had planned for his life from the time he was born. God spent eighty years preparing him for this purpose. It took years of education, pain, difficulty, and heartache to prepare him for this duty.

My wilderness journey meant that I was isolated, abandoned and alone as I carried the heavyweight of responsibilities that almost crushed me. Often I wondered what God was doing and if He really was there because I felt so alone and isolated. But out of this journey, God has given me my calling and ministry. He's asked me to minister to the brokenhearted. It took a wilderness journey for God to reveal this truth to me.

God has a purpose, destiny, and plan for each of our lives. My prayer is that God will reveal this to each and every one of us. May we not lose sight of His calling, His purpose and His plan for our lives.

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