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Pure Tones

For years I have been talking to God about my issue with modern music. It has come to the point where I am often found standing out in the foyer of churches and other places waiting for the music to end so I can finally enter and sit down. Recently, I realized why. To me, modern music sounds like fingernails being run across the chalkboard. My ears hear the dissident frequencies that occur when singing, drums, guitar, keyboards and everything else are added together. All I know is that for many years it has made me want to run away. Often I have wondered why everyone else is able to enjoy the music when I can only survive with earplugs. Finally, I began to understand that my ears were hearing the fighting of the sounds that were occurring in my head. That is what it sounds like to me. I didn't grow up with rock music. My upbringing surrounded me with the piano. My ears pick up the vibrancy of the music when I listen to the piano. I hear the color and richness of the music and my ears are at peace. This is the music that I gravitate towards. I enjoy listening to singing as well but mostly it's hymns that my ears gravitate towards. God finally revealed why. In college, I was exposed to the pureness of a tuning fork that was hit. The sound is rich and pure. It is a pure tone. This is what I hear in piano music. My ears hear this richness and purity. It makes me smile and brings peace to my soul. What the other music does is like it's fighting in my ears. It clashes amongst itself as if it doesn't fit together right in my ears. Despite my attempts to enjoy it, I have realized that it is simply impossible. Every fiber of my being wants to run away from it. I'd rather hide by running streams or in nature where the birds are singing. Instead of being drawn to it, the music repels me. Now I realize that it's okay for me to feel this way. There is a reason I feel this way.

In Heaven, Satan was in charge of music. His gift has always been music but it is twisted now because of his evil nature. His music brings irritability, anger, animosity, hate . . . and lyrics that are in total violation of things God wants us to fill our minds with. Even the Christian music of today has something different to it. I've been trying to put my finger on this difference for years. All I know is that in my growing up years I was exposed to melodious music and what I am hearing today is so dramatically different. In my ears, it all sounds like noise but they are noises that make my ears cringe.

Listening to nature fills me with peace and joy. There is a richness to the sounds of nature as well. Something has happened in today's culture of music. People want everything to be playing at the same time: drums, keyboards, instruments, guitars and vocals, and the result is noise. It's hard to hear the vocals over the noise. The richness and beauty of the music have been lost. I am not trying to criticize those who enjoy this music. All I know is that my ears hear and recognize this very differently because they have been exposed to pure tone noises my entire life and everything else in comparison is a disappointment to me. It makes me want to run away.

My ears were trained to enjoy the beauty and richness of single instruments, classical music, and acapella singing. It has caused me to appreciate quality music over quantity music. I can't help but appreciate the beauty of piano music like Russels of Spring, Cannon in D Major, Moonlight Sonata . . . It is so melodious.

So here I am writing a very controversial blog about music. And I can't help feeling that the music of heaven is going to be similar to the music that I have grown to love. The dissident quality will be gone. The noise will be gone. It will be music with pure tones. I cannot wait until that day. This is the music I need. What a blessing it will be to hear the melodious music of heaven and know I no longer have to run away. This is the music I ache to hear. God, please come quickly so this music can infiltrate our world again. May you help our ears become tuned to the pure tones of heavenly music again.

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