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A Daniel Movement

Daily I attempt to have a quiet time with God and journal which is one of my ways of praying. However, today the vision of Daniel praying three times per day filled my mind. All day I have been thinking about this. I pray during my day and when I journal but some days my journaling doesn’t happen and I'm only aiming for one time per day. What would happen if I chiseled out prayer three times per day? If God can help me accomplish it once each day can't He make it happen three times per day? And if I did pray three times per day how would this impact my life? I can’t stop wondering. Daniel prayed three times per day even in the middle of difficulties. If he could do this why can’t we? Over and over again I watch God find ways for me to fit my journaling into my busy life. He even helps me find time for my quiet time. If Daniel could pray three times per day couldn’t God make a way for us to do it as well? My prayer is that God will guide each of us as we puzzle through this thought. May He make a way for us to become Daniel’s in the busyness of life even today. Imagine what would happen in our world if we implemented this in our daily lives. My desire is to see a Daniel movement started where we begin a discipline of praying three times per day. Only God can make this possible. May He become a vehicle to make this a reality.

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