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A New Name

Names.  For years I have thought about my last name.  I've had three.  My maiden last name was stripped away when I married. After my divorce, I had the choice to return to my maiden name but I decided not to as it had no real meaning to me as my biological father is not involved in my life.  Years ago, I finally changed my last name to my parent's name, my mom and step father's name.  I didn't mind until my mom died and then we were back to square one as we watched our connection with the name slowly slip away.  My kids had to decide what to do with their last name.  For years they have gone by my last name even though legally they have a different name.  Now that they are old enough we can finally consider changing their names.  We have had many discussions on what to change them to.  For so long my youngest wanted to change her name to a man's last name that became like a father to her but a difficult situation caused a huge rift to develop in their relationship so this man is no longer involved in her life.  Again we are back to the drawing board.  What should she change it to?  Names have meanings and we know that in time the legal last name she has needs to be changed.  It is time for her to move forward and embrace a positive new life with a name that brings positive memories to her mind.  

In the Bible God frequently changed people's names.  Abram was renamed to Abraham, Jacob was changed to Israel, Saul to Paul, Sarai to Sarah . . . 

Sometimes it is first names that change, other times it is last names that change. Whatever the case, names have meanings and they always have.  Often they are indicators of change or new beginnings in our lives.  For me, my current last name was a new beginning in my life.  It was one that reminded me of positive things rather than negative memories.

Names can also be shed as God begins to heal us.  So often we get used to terrible names that we have been called all our lives: loser, ugly, unworthy, rejected, abandoned, adopted, worthless, stupid . . .  The reality is that we are children of the One True King.  He loves us all.  His desire is for us to be clothed with new names.  We are His and we are worthy of His names:  loved, appreciated, smart, accepted, beautiful . . .  May we allow God to fill our minds with these positive names.

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