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Feelings are not right or wrong.  We can feel many things and there is nothing wrong with feeling these things.   I experience my own myriad of feelings but anger is not typically one that I feel very often.  Lately though, two situations have been causing anger to well up inside of me disturbing my peace and my sleep.  

I know I cannot control other's actions or their choices or decisions but there are times that these things impact my life.  When my boyfriend chose to go to the pier on a stormy evening his actions led to his death.  This impacted my life.  When people choose to deny what they've done this also can impact my life.  I can't force them to step out of denial.  They have to choose to do so but this impacts my relationship with them.   When friends do things that hurt me or my family I also have no control over these actions and they impact my life.  All I can do is step away from people and situations that create pain and turmoil in my life.  I have chosen to do these things and tried to leave these  situations in God's hands but anger continues to arise inside of me.  Two situations have been causing anger for me.  I have been giving God these feelings and asking Him for help as there is nothing else I can do.  These things are out of my hands.  What has happened I cannot control any more than I could control the death of my boyfriend. All I can do is ask God to help me and ask Him to resolve and untangle the mess that I am facing and to bring peace back into my heart.

When I think about anger I am reminded of the story of Jesus when He went into the temple and saw all the chaos from the money changers and people selling things inside the temple.  He got angry and overturned the tables of the money changers and told them to leave.  Even Jesus got angry.   

Anger is not right or wrong.  It is simply a feeling.  But when left unleashed it can wreak havoc in life.  To manage anger it has to be faced and identified.  God has to reach in to help calm the avalanche of feelings.  Only He can calm this anger.  He is the only one that can make changes to help us step out of these feelings and to make sense of them in our lives.  I may not be able to change the situations that are causing anger for me but I can trust that God hears and understands my feelings and He is working out a plan to help me.  In the mean time I must work on staying connected with Him and finding ways to release my anger in healthy ways such as exercise, prayer, talking to friends, music, writing etc.  I must ask God to help me not choose bad ways to cope.  With God’s help and my support team, I am moving forward and striving for change even in the heat of difficult days.  Daily God promises to provide the provisions that I need as long as I remain tapped into His power.  I may not have solutions to my problems but I am connected to a God that is in control of everything and who understands me.  He promises to carry me and help me even when I feel angry and upset.  There is no situation that is too hard for God to handle. My job is to keep turning these things over to Him and relying on His peace and strength.  

Maybe you too have been dealing with anger and frustration over situations in your life.  My prayer is that God will fill you with peace today.  May He help you find a solution and help with these feelings.  Nothing is ever too difficult for God to do.

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