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Stress. For days I have felt like I’m on a treadmill that’s running at maximum speed. All day long I run from one thing to the next Whether I'm at home or work my day is packed with appointments and things to do. It was one of those days when I was faced with one thing after another all day. When I had time to catch my breath it was so I could tackle the stack that had accumulated on my desk. Then an item I’d completed was returned to me and I lost it. Smoke came pouring out of my ears. All that was needed was for someone to read my checked box. They had everything they needed. It just meant one more thing to do. I wrote a note back and placed the item in its envelope and returned it. Then I turned to my stack and the craziness of the remainder of my busy day. All day it was like a revolving door as I raced from one thing to another. I was feeling exhausted and stressed. I was on a treadmill and wished the speed would slow down so I could breathe.

Maybe you feel like I have recently, life is just too busy and the pace only seems to speed up. My hope is that God will help you find a way to refresh, retreat to a place to recharge, and take a break.

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