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Healing Words

I am a grateful believer who struggles with abandonment, grief, hopelessness and brokenness.  Words.  It is words that God uses in my life to unlock reasons for my feelings and behaviors. When God breathes these words into me it becomes a key that unlocks healing in my life. He begins to show me how that word has impacted my life for years. Situation after situation are revealed to me that suddenly explain the true reason for why I feel the way I do or for what drives me to do what I do. When I speak to God and ask Him to peel away the layers of hurt in my life, He begins to work.  I have watched Him take away my desire for unhealthy things as I have drawn closer to Him. God can only heal me when I stop denying things.  When I embrace my need for healing in different areas of my life and lean into God He begins to work. This is what I did two years ago when feelings again washed over me. They left me feeling sad, rejected and depressed.  Lord, help me I said as I sat there feeling things I had felt for years. The term to these feelings was suddenly breathed into me. God told me one word, abandonment. It was like a light bulb suddenly came on. Event after event played through my mind explaining my behaviors, my feelings and my pain. Suddenly, I knew why I was struggling so deeply.  God made sense of the mess in my life. He  began to explain what I needed help with and why. This was the beginning of help for me. Then He closed doors in my life and carried me away to a place where I would begin to find healing and hope. This happened two years ago and since then God has been giving me new words.  Recently the word has been hopelessness.  That word was what drove me to self destruction. It drove me to despair, to the belief that I couldn't carry on.  This is what filled me with the desire for me to die. It was what led me to trying to take my life when the feeling of grief consumed me so deeply. These feelings were the words Satan breathed into me. But when I turned to God, it was then that I learned a new word. God breathed hope back into my life and suddenly removed the self-destructive tendencies that had such a strong hold on me for the majority of my life. What I struggled with for so many years God finally removed completely from me. Just like that they were gone.  The ball and chain that I'd had around my neck was removed. God gave me hope. Other words were given to me.  Brokenness. That was a word that wrapped its tentacles around me so strongly and with such a vengeance that I felt I would never be healed. But God began to speak to me and help me realize that I was His masterwork. He would masterfully weave the fibers of my brokenness back together again. This began to happen. Life began to come back to me. I realized that I no longer needed people to help me. I didn't need anyone to mold that brokennes back together.  All I needed was God. He would take the wreckage and disaster of my life and bring wholeness and healing back into my life. The things I turned to no longer had their hold on me. I had God. That was all I'd ever needed. He was enough.  When I faced Him with these words and asked Him for help it was the key to remove the shackles that had such a deep hold on me. I began to change. Healing began to happen.  

I share this because my hope is that you will begin to take off the bandages that you have been using in your life. May you expose yourself to God and ask Him for help. Ask Him to explain your feelings to you. Allow Him to explain the truth to you that will unlock healing into your life. May you begin to embrace the words He will give to you.  Take these words to God.  Say these words to yourself  as I did and wrap them in the fact that you are a child of God. When you do this it allows the shackles of these things to suddenly slip away and it permits God to begin the work of restoring you. It is time we embrace this healing power in our lives so we can do the work God always intended us to do. May we become whole, hope-filled, people who have joy that can only come from God.  This is what God wants to do in all of our lives.  

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