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Disguised Blessings

Last year was a bad year from January until December. There was not one month when we weren’t facing some crisis. When my birthday came I was thrilled because it was a reminder that our tough year was almost behind us. But it was also a difficult day as my daughter was in the hospital. I was running back and forth from the hospital to home to let the dogs out and to purchase green smoothies to raise my daughter’s iron levels. It was a cold icy day and I’d just run an errand and picked up the smoothies. I was traveling down a scenic road when suddenly I heard a huge crash that made me jump. Then I looked up to see a gigantic sheet of ice crash down from a tree and hit my new car. I’d purchased my car just a few weeks before. All I could do was pray and beg God that the damage was minimal. I had to head back to the hospital. Whatever happened to my car would have to wait to be fixed. My daughter needed me. The car seemed fine from a brief glance which was all the time I had. I’d been gone too long already and needed to race back to her room. On my way I had a conversation with God asking why out of all days ice had to hit my car after all it was my birthday. It was definitely an indication that I needed to hide in a cave and not come out for the remainder of the year. I told God that I'd had it. Ice falling on my car was the last thing I needed. There were already tons of things I had to do. Another problem was not what I wanted. The front hood and the headlights of my car were damaged by the ice and it took several months to finally address the situation. A few weeks ago I called my insurance and got the car in for an estimate. For the past two weeks, my car has been in the shop being fixed. Today it was finally finished and I was thrilled to see all they did. It wasn't a brand new car when I bought it so it had some dings on the front bumper. For weeks I'd been asking God to help me get them fixed. Amazingly, God answered my prayers. Not only was the hood of our car replaced where the ice had damaged it but the front bumper was fixed as well. God used an ice storm to create a way for us to get other things fixed on our car. Now all I can do is praise God for His amazing way of providing for our needs. I’d been talking to Him about the damage on our front bumper but never dreamed that an ice storm would be the answer to those prayers. God has many ways to provide for our needs. Even bad things can be used to bless us. God is good all the time. His ways are amazing and miraculous. Nothing is too hard for Him. Maybe you too are facing hardships and difficulties today. Keep praying to God and trusting Him. He has a plan for your difficulties. Just keep holding on to Him. He will work things out in His perfect way and time.

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