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A Solution

Relinquishing control to God is the beginning of solutions for healing in my life. Four months ago I began praying and asking God to help me with my finances. I’d make three steps forward and then have financial setbacks that shot me ten steps backward. The money management system that Financial Peace preaches has been unhelpful in my situation. I have spun circles and never accomplished anything. The progress has been minimal and it has been discouraging. How on earth could I progress with the mess when I got one bill paid off only to have five more slap me in the face? It was like I hardly moved forward. Every day I kept praying for God to give me a solution. One day I closely evaluated everything that was being taken out of my paycheck and discovered a change I could make to a contribution that would allow me to bring home more money. Over the past few months I've made headway and have paid down many bills but it has been a slow going process. Daily I've prayed for a solution that is right for me.

A few days ago I finally spoke with people that are willing to help. They are working out a plan that is right for my situation. The day I spoke with them I was stressed out by yet another home set back, our plumbing. But when I was discouraged and overwhelmed God opened up a solution and filled me with peace. I am not alone on this journey. He has sent people to walk beside me as we continue to pay down the incredible bills we have. Now instead of a continual tidal wave that faces us, we finally have a solution and plan to make this possible. A huge weight has lifted and God has provided the solution that is right for my situation. What God continues to show me is that when I work my program and come to Him with my challenges and difficulties He provides answers and ways to help me achieve my goals. Philippians 4:19 says, "My God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Nothing is too hard for God to do. He never fails to help me when I take my needs to Him.

My prayer is that you will face your challenges and take them to God. He promises to help you. His solutions are always perfect and His ways are amazing.

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