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It had been a long couple of days. We had driven all night for ten hours to travel to a hospital. Then we spent hours working through paperwork to process an admission. I was worn out when I left the following day. Another ten-hour trip lay ahead of me but my plan was to break it up by staying with a friend for the night. It was early evening as I drove to their home. I’d been traveling for almost two hours. It was a sunny, humid, ninety degree summer day and our car had no air conditioning so I had all the windows open as I drove. In our car were our two dogs and the kitten we had rescued a few weeks before. We were all hot despite our windows being open. I was only a few minutes away from my friend's home when a car suddenly stopped in front of me and I was forced to slam on my brakes. But I was heading down a hill when I had to push on my breaks. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a curly blond figure rolling down the road. Could that be Winston? My heart began pounding as I watched what I suddenly realized was my daughter’s seventy-pound dog sailing down the middle of the street. The impact of our sudden stop caused him to be catapulted out of the open back window of our car. "Oh, Lord please let Winton be okay," I prayed as I quickly pulled my car over to the edge of the road. I waited a few minutes fearful that a sudden move would cause Winston to run away. The man in the truck behind me pulled over to the side of the road as well and got out of his vehicle. He raced into the middle of the street where Winston had been standing dumbfounded and bewildered. When Winston saw the man coming toward him he raced off to the side of the road and looked at our car. I hurriedly opened my door and stepped out. “Winston come to Mommy,” I yelled. He ran across the street and flew into the front seat of the car. I reached down and grabbed the paper towel roll that was on the floor and I began dabbing at the bloody sores from abrasions on his body. Then I buckled him into the front seat of the car and rolled up his window. I traveled on. Ten minutes later I received a call from my friend. I was a few minutes away from her home and I explained to her what happened. She met me at a gas station so I could fill up my car and she led me to her home. When I arrived there I cleaned Winston's sores and applied Bag Balm to them so they would heal more quickly. Winston was a hyper dog with tons of energy but being propelled from our car knocked some sense into him. He was calmer and a better listener after that.

When I traveled to see my daughter a week later she kept saying to me, "Mom what happened to my dog?" I can't tell you I kept saying to her. When she took her dog into the shower to clean and bathe him, she found dried blood on him and she said, "Mom I know something happened to Winston. I just found blood on him. Tell me what happened." Then I proceeded to tell her the story about how I have a degree in dogapulting. Even now I can’t help smiling about how a seventy-pound dog came flying out of the car and didn’t have any broken bones or lasting damage from what could have been disastrous.

My hope is that you will be reminded that God is there with you too through all the difficulties and challenges you face in your life. If He can protect a seventy-pound dog don't you think He can do the same for you?

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