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Putting Out Fires

All last week I researched and worked my way through one problem after another. There was a problem with our bathroom renovation, a need to refinance our mortgage, I had to deal with another leak in our home and I had to find someone to manage diseased trees in our yard. I was up to my eyeballs in a mess. To solve these issues I needed time and wisdom from God. Thankfully I was blessed with a slow week which provided headway with my first task, our mortgage. After hours of research, a door finally opened. Then I tackled the issue with the dead and diseased trees in our yard and I worked my way through our renovation issues. I finally found an arborist to help me with our trees and I made contact with the contractor who helped us with our leak a couple years ago. Little by little I made headway with the multitude of challenges I faced. I also received word that I was preapproved for the refinancing option I am needing and watched our renovations progress despite our difficulties.

Some days when I look at all our challenges I feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the magnitude of fires that I have to put out. At times it feels like it is too much to deal with but God always provides me with the strength to handle each days problems. Sometimes I have to sit on problems but eventually God helps me find a way to accomplish the magnitude of things that are on my to do list. When I ask Him for help He always comes through in His perfect way and timing.

Are you feeling like a fire fighter with more fires in front of you than you can possibly put out? My prayer is that God will give you the strength you need for today. May He fill you with wisdom to know what tasks to tackle today and a solution to handle those things. May He open doors that are right for you and fill you with the wisdom and peace you need in the middle of your storms.

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