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It had been one of those weeks. One bad thing after another kept happening but I’d pushed through the week and even accomplished my writing goals. Then one more thing happened and it was my last straw. I’d held it together until then but then I discovered that my blog post was completely lost when I uploaded it. Too many things had gone wrong that week. I’d reached my limit. Screaming is not something I do as I know the harm it does to the vocal folds but that afternoon I lay on the bed and screamed. My daughter’s dog jumped up and laid down on top of me while I was screaming. He was trying to help me regain my sanity. With God’s help I eventually rewrote the document and published the blog but stress continued the next day with yet another challenge that tried my soul. This time it was the circuit breaker that kept turning off, shutting down the supply of electricity in our home. Over and over again I raced down to the basement to turn it back on and adjusted the things in our home that were tripping it off. I was fried! Finally, I begged God to make things work and to stop Satan from harassing us and creating turmoil. Things got better that evening but we have continued to fight one hurdle after another. Thankfully though we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. We got our furnace problem resolved, an appeal was turned in, an insurance mess was solved, we got answers regarding a huge challenge, we got a solution for my phone problem and we finally got our car in for an estimate. That is progress. One little step at a time we are making headway. Even when I was stressed out and screaming God was providing solutions to our needs. Maybe you are having a rough time as we have been. Perhaps you too have had moments of insanity when the stress of life comes crashing in on you. Know that God hears and sees your struggles and He is there with you. A solution will come. Life will get better. God has a plan. We must not give up even when it seems we are tumbling downstream. Nothing is ever too hard for God to do. We must keep holding onto His hand and continue to press forward. God will work out everything that we need in His perfect way.

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