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Today an analogy came to me. I saw myself through Jesus' eyes. He has the desire to eventually crack us and expose the geode that He is creating inside of each of us. Then I thought about my life. This is what I see. I am climbing a summit and one misstep, one precarious move will cause me to slip. It’s a walk that takes every conscious effort I have. I don’t want to make the wrong move or miscalculate my steps. One little thing will cause me to fall. It is like a tight rope walk. I must stay focused. I must stay on the course and proceed with what I know is right by avoiding pitfalls and waiting on God. I don’t want to trump God’s plan just because I become impatient or because I chase after my own desires. I know that if I wait for God He will eventually expose what He is creating. But my impatience or my misstep could lead to a less than perfect geode. I want God to orchestrate everything in His perfect way and time because I know then that everything will be right.

May we all be patient and wait on God as He creates beauty inside of us. In time we will become beautiful geodes.

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