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A Heavy Weight

For years I struggled under the weight of many things. Traveling through these obstacles and the lofty mountains that stood before me as a single parent took a huge toll on me. It was a journey that nobody would want to go down. The wilderness was before me with a load so heavy that I didn't think I'd ever make it to the other side. On my back, I wore a backpack. Every so often another rock was added to my backpack. Each rock represented another difficulty that I had to deal with. Seventeen long years passed and by that point my backpack was so full of rocks that I was weighed down by it. Every day seemed like an impossibility to make it through. I was worn out and weary and needed a place to rest and recover. It was then that God looked down and saw me struggling. He literally scooped me up and carried me away from a place that was no longer healthy for me. Then He placed me in the doors of a new place and surrounded me with people who listened, loved, supported, encouraged and prayed for me. There I learned how to allow God to take away these weights I had been carrying for so long. Daily I began the process of healing from the cares and difficulties of life. Slowly, as I worked through my journey toward recovery God began to take the rocks I was carrying out of my backpack. The heavy things that I never could release God finally took away. As I continued to ask God for help He began to lighten my load. It has been an amazing process. God wants to do this for each of us. All we have to do is ask Him for help. When we tell him about our struggles and ask Him to help us He will do this for each of us. He wants to take away these heavy burdens that all of us carry.

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