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My mom was a very neat and organized person so growing up I learned how to be neat and how to stay organized.  This has been so important in my life as I've juggled a multitude of responsibilities for many years.  There have been times when we have had over seven appointments per week as well as the typical daily tasks to accomplish. Often my appointment book has been so covered with writing of all the things I need to do that there hasn't been a place to write it all down.  At the end of last year, my daughter found a large yearly planner at the store. Amazingly, it was on sale, and it had the pastel colors and floral pattern that I love.  We purchased the planner.  The size is perfect for what I need.  It allows so much more writing space.  It also gives me the large visual calendar I need.  Now I can better organize the tasks I must accomplish each month and keep myself on track with my goals.  Organization is my key to keeping up with all I have to do.  

Sundays are our day to work on putting order back into our home.  Every week after listening to the sermon we chip away at the disorder and chaos that renovations and a difficult year left behind.  This Sunday we finally tackled huge amounts of things that we have been unable to accomplish for weeks as I have dealt with other more important things.  It was exciting to see so many things fall into place this past weekend.  The clutter from painting projects was finally removed and we made headway with organization and order in my daughter's bedroom.  Then we had fun filling jars with goodies like my mom used to do.  I am thankful for the headway we are making.

Maybe you struggle with organization or maybe you feel like your home is a disaster and you are feeling stressed out.  My prayer is that God will provide you with wisdom and strength to know how to tackle what you need to do.  May you find a way to have the order you are aching to have.  

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