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Accountability Partners

It was one of those days. I was running behind in the morning and trying to do too many things. The stress at work was insane. It was a challenging day with tough things to deal with and I was feeling stressed out. My pile of paperwork to complete was growing on my desk as was my stress level. As the afternoon progressed I felt like Mount Vesuvius, I was about to blow and had several more hours to go. I began to pray asking for God to give me strength to make it through my day. Then I texted my accountability team asking for prayers. Peace came to me and despite the continued challenges I faced, God's strength poured into me and sanity returned so I could finish my day.

Sometimes we all need prayers. Life can be challenging and difficult. We can't do life alone when we do we fail. Asking people for prayer and support when we need it makes life possible and keeps us on course. My prayer is that each of you will develop a team that you can turn to that is willing to pray for you when you need it.

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