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Quiet Time

This year I have really been trying to be consistent with my daily Bible reading.  A few months ago God finally helped me come up with a plan that works for me.  This year I printed out the plan and I have been making a concerted effort to follow it.  So far I am keeping up.  This year I decided to let God lead with it.  Some days my day gets flipped upside down as it did today.  A sleepless night kept me up late but God gave me a few hours of deep sleep and then at five o'clock this morning I was wide awake again.  After a few minutes I decided to pray and was blessed by that time.  Instead of reading my Bible first I prayed.  Then it was time to prepare for work and leave.  On my way to work I told God that He would have to give me time to read my Bible and He did.  I finished my reading for today.  What I am realizing is that if I let God lead with things I am blessed so much more.  My priority though is to spend time with Him each day reading my Bible.  Somewhere in my day I find the time to do so.  I've completely flipped things upside down this year as that is my priority and my journaling is at the bottom of the list, so far I have missed that for weeks but on the flip side God has been blessing me with peace and strength to deal with the challenges of my day.  I am learning that when I let God lead and make an effort to have my quiet time with God each and every day He blessed me.  With this time God has been working on other areas of my life and helping me come up with solutions that have felt so impossible.  This year He is teaching me that He will provide for our needs.  Despite how impossible this has seemed for months God is showing me that when I spend time with Him He makes the impossible possible.  I have watched a solution happen to a prayer I was needing help with last week.  Maybe I'm not where I want to be with my finances but God gave me a solution that is right for me and with His help things will improve.  

Is there an area that seems out of control and impossible in your life?  Chisel out a daily quiet time with God each and every day.  Ask God for help with these issues in your life.  It may take time but I guarantee that in time God will help you find a solution.  He always has a plan that is right for us.  Lean into his arms and trust that He has a solution for your difficulties as well.  Nothing is ever too hard for God to do. 

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