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The story of Naomi has been flooding through my mind.  Over and over I think about her life.  She left her homeland and lived in a new land with her family. Years passed and her husband and sons died. She lost everything.  Hurting and grieving she returned to her homeland with her daughter-in-law, Ruth, who refused to leave her side. God blessed Naomi during the second part of her life.  She returned home, her daughter-in-law got married and had a son and her life was blessed.  

I can't help but think how applicable this story is to my life. When my mom left her homeland to remarry, the new place she lived in and the new life she created was one of some blessings but much of that life consisted of an undercurrent of pain and stress. There was such a bittersweet part to this move and eventually she died early due to her way of coping with this stress. In this new land I too have faced pain, heartache and suffering. It is not a land that has brought much happiness.  My ache is just like Naomi to return to my homeland of origin and to begin a new life.  The desire  to return to my homeland is growing. Life has been so hard for so long.  I am eager for change which is so unusual for me as I thrive on routine but my homeland is calling to me and the desire for it is only growing stronger with each passing day. I ache for mountains and beaches to surround me.  And I ache for the family I left behind so many years ago. God blessed Naomi when she returned home. Maybe returning home will bring blessings for me as well.  I am praying God will do this for me too.  In the mean time I am waiting on God for His direction with this deep yearning that is growing in my heart.  He knows my desires and I know He will lead.

Maybe your life has been like that of Naomi's.  You have faced hardships and difficulties.  If God could restore Naomi's life and fill it with blessings, He can do the same for you.  My prayer is that you will find the strength to keep pressing on.  May God surround you with people like Ruth who will walk through live's hardships eith you. I also pray God will bless you richly just like He did for Naomi. 

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