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Often over the years I have been asked why I am not in a relationship or if I will ever date.  At other times it is suggested that it is time for me to consider dating.  For years I was so busy raising my own children that I had little time to think about dating. One time there was someone but Satan destroyed things and the years that followed were so consumed with difficulties with my son that there was little time to think beyond these stressors. Throwing someone into the mix did not seem like a good idea especially after being raised in a blended family. I watched how marriage could fracture a family even more. I decided to focus my attention on my children and the struggles and challenges we faced. Maybe someday there would be someone but God would have to lead. And if He didn’t I knew that I had loved once and that memory would forever remain in my heart. It would take a special person. Until then I would wait. I have been waiting and waiting. I’ve had some interesting things happen in my life but I refuse to back down from my belief and compromise what I want just because some well meaning person buys a home and expects me to marry him. I ache for someone like Larry, my boyfriend who drowned. That vision remains in my heart. I am waiting for God to lead. God knows what I need and in His time it will work out. Until then I will remain committed to relying on God’s perfect timing. I would rather wait on God and His will than engage in a relationship that would bring more grief and disappointment. God has a perfect plan that is right for me and when it happens it will be a blessing. Maybe you are in the place I am in, waiting. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t rush the process. I believe strongly that God will lead if we are patient. His plans are so much better than our own. He longs for us to be happy. God knows us better than we know ourselves. If He can make the perfect spouse for Adam don’t you think He can bring the perfect person to us? Don’t lose heart. Keep waiting on God.  

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