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Dreams. There are times I can't help but envision big things. Huge needs are brought to my mind and I ache to do big things. Visions, thoughts, and desires consume my mind. I ache to do something about the needs I see. Right now I feel that God has me in a holding pattern as I wait for him to open big doors to a dream He has placed in my heart and mind. I am waiting for His perfect time for this dream to become a reality. Often God tells us He wants us to do something or that something will happen or He gives us visions of things to come. But often we are asked to patiently wait for these things to happen. Over and over again in the Bible, we read stories of this happening. God told Abraham that his wife was going to have a son. He waited and eventually it happened. God gave Joseph a dream of his brother's bowing down before him. Years later this happened when Joseph became a leader in Egypt. Noah was told to build an ark because a flood would come. One hundred and twenty years later the flood came. Job waited for suffering to end. David waited to become king. Elijah waited for rain. Moses waited to lead the Israelites out of slavery. Paul waited for release from prison. Ruth waited for a husband. Joshua waited for the promised land. Rachel and Hannah waited for a son. Martha had to wait for Jesus to come to heal her brother Lazarus. Three days later Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. Waiting is part of life. God often uses this waiting period to teach us things and to prepare us for the tasks He has for us to do.

Are you in a waiting period in your life right now? Don't give up. Keep waiting. If God can do mighty things for Moses, for Elijah, for Joseph, and for David don't you think He can do mighty things for us as well? May we not lose heart. Keep leaning into God and trusting Him. Even in the waiting time, He has a plan.

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