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A God Moment

It was a typical weekday, busy with lots of things to do. After an appointment, I raced home to grab the document I needed to register my new car. Thankfully there was no lengthy wait. I went in and was helped within a few minutes. I asked for new plates as my former ones were almost twenty years old. Then I paid the fees. When I was leaving I glanced down at my new license plate. To the left were the initials of the city where I worked when I graduated from college. To the right were numbers. They grabbed my heart. It was the time when my boyfriend and I began dating. It was a special year, a reminder of that amazing time in my life. I could have had any series of numbers and letters but I walked out with a special date and memory. It was my gift from God, a reminder that He cares about even the little things. He aches to bring blessings to all of us. These aren't coincidences. I truly believe these are moments when God reaches out to us to tell us that He loves us. These are God moments. May we hold onto these times and never forget what God has done for us. He cares about every detail of our life, even the small things. Nothing is too hard for God!

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