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Running from Lions

Restlessness is not something that's usual for me. I'm normally satisfied, making the most of any situation but lately, there is an eagerness inside of me for change. My heart is yearning for the ocean and. This ache will not stop. I'm landlocked where I live. Every part of me is anxious to move away from the wilderness where I've lived for forty years. It's time to return to Canaan, the land of my dreams. This desire will not leave me. My heart will not be totally happy until I return to the place that means so much to me, the place I was uprooted from when I was a young child. I keep praying about this and I'm certain in my heart that eventually, we will be returning. It's time to stop running from the "lions" that have been chasing us for nineteen long years. It's time for us to rest and relax and be soothed by waves and sand. Now to wait for God to lead with His perfect time for this to happen. I know He has a plan.

For years we've been under incredible amounts of stress from the many trials we've faced. It seems like all I've done is to run, going from one difficult thing to another. There has been little peace anywhere for long. We no sooner pass through one trying situation and recover a bit only to have another one facing us. It's like the waves on the sea. We've wrestled with one incredible storm after another, hammered on all sides. On a continual basis, we've been running from the "lions" chasing us. These "lions" are the incredible challenges we continue to face. They plague us. We have little peace. Our only reprieve happens on our Sabbaths when we can catch our breath and relax for a while.

Water calls to my weary soul. I ache to retreat to beaches to recover from the stress and pressure of life. This ache will not leave me. But I have to wait on God. So far a new door has not opened but the edginess in my soul remains. I will lean on God for wisdom as I wait for Him to open up that new door.

Are you in a season of restlessness as I am? Don't try to take things into your hands. Pray and wait for God to open those new doors. He has a plan. We must not lose heart.

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