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Making a Difference

Making a difference. Those three words have been the motto of my life. When I met my boyfriend in college he inspired me to spend my life making a difference. He spent his life helping anyone who was in need. When he died making a difference became my motto, my reason for living. I wanted to spend my time on this earth making a difference. This week I watched the movie Martian Child and it made me think all about my life vision. Over and over again I was reminded of what the single man, David did. He adopted a child, Dennis, who spent his days living in a box, isolated from others. Slowly, David worked with this child, providing him with sunglasses to handle the sun, giving him an umbrella, playing games with him in the box, providing sunscreen so he wasn't afraid to be in the sun, teaching him to play baseball, slowly helping him integrate into life. Slowly, an abused child with emotional and sensory issues began to change. It was hard work and the changes were very small but little by little the child began to improve. Over and over again this story has been playing through my mind. I think about this child who was eccentric, different and emotionally challenged and I keep returning to my motto for life. Every day we are surrounded by people. We have a choice each and every day. Will we make a difference in other's lives? I spend every day ministering to the children I serve hoping that I can make a difference in their lives. What about you? What is your motto for life? What are you doing for the people that God has placed in your life? Are you trying to make a difference?

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