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It had been a stressful week as I made call after call to find a solution and answers to a need we had. I was expecting a phone call in few minutes and had just enough time to take the dogs out for a walk before the call came in. As the dogs and I entered our backyard I was shocked to discover a kitten hanging from our fence, the same kitten my daughter's dog, Winston, had spent weeks chasing in our backyard. But this time it wasn't moving or making any sort of noise. It was frozen on our fence even when our dog came towards it. It seemed odd to see it hanging from the fence. I took the dogs back inside and examined what was wrong with the kitten. The mother of the kitten stood a few feet away watching. As I approached the fence I discovered that it's leg was stuck between the boards of our fence. I raced back inside to beg my daughter to come and help and returned to retrieve the kitten. We couldn't budge the fence so I ran to our neighbor's house and asked for help. She called another neighbor. With his help the fence was loosened and the kitten was retrieved. My daughter spent the morning nursing the kitten, taking it to a vet, caring for its wounds and feeding it. When my daughter needed a distraction during a stressful week God provided for her need. The kitten is still being nursed back to health but his gentle, loving personality has blessed us in so many ways over the past few days. Winston is obsessed by the kitten and the kitten loves him. They have joined a team. When the kitten wants out of the room it's in it jumps up on a box and Winston takes it by the scruff of its neck and carries it to where it wants to go. The kitten continues to make us laugh and reminds us that God knows what we need just when we need it most. Imagine if I hadn't gone outside at that moment and think about the need my daughter had that week. God knew it all and He provided for all of us. God will always provide what we need just when we need it most.

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