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The Wilderness

Life has it's way sometimes of placing us in the thick of very difficult situations and circumstances. This has been my life for eighteen long years. It has been a minute by minute process of surviving as I grope my way along one painful step at a time. Just when I think I've found my footing and I'm beginning to catch my breath, another storm of difficulty engulfs me. I'm attacked, abandoned and isolated all over again. Years and years of difficulty have chipped away at me, leaving me parched and exhausted. At times I lie on the road too tired to move forward. Blood pours from wounds on my body as I lie in a heap trying desperately to regain the strength needed to push forward, to continue on. Yet as I l lie alongside the thorny, stony path in the blistering sun God comes alongside me giving me the water and nourishment my soul craves just when I need it most. He carries me to the oasis where I have time to recover and rest so I can survive. Then my journey continues through the desolate wilderness of my life. I proceed one painful step at a time as I lean on God for the support and help I need. The only way to make it is to lean into God. Every step of the way He is there. Our job is to cling to Him. Even in these difficulties and trials of this wilderness experience we are in a holy place where God resides. We will find Him everywhere we turn. Are you facing this dry time of difficulty in your life? May you not lose heart. Hold onto God. In time "God will turn your wailing into dancing, He will remove your sackcloth and clothe you with joy so your heart may sing to God and not be silent." Psalm 30:11, 12. Hold onto this promise.

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