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Under His Wings

In college I lived near many lakes and always enjoyed the beauty of the swans that I'd see. Their white bodies stood in stark contrast to the blue lakes and green grass. It always made me smile when I saw them. To this day I still admire swans. There is something beautiful and serene about them. These amazing creatures fascinate me. Did you know that they have over 25,000 feathers? Imagine nestling into those soft feathers. It sure would be a soft pillow to lay on. The image of their wings makes me think of the text found in Psalm 91:4 that says, "He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge." This thought will not leave my mind as I think about what the swans do with their babies. Their backs are long enough to carry their babies under their wings while they swim in the water. The swans sit still as their babies climb aboard, underneath their parent's wings. This image makes me think of what this Psalm is talking about. God does this for us and under His wings He protects and cares for us just as the swans care for their young. This is the image we need to hold onto as we assail the difficulties and trials we face in life. God promises that we will find refuge under His wings. May we never forget this promise.

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