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My grandfather was a pilot and owned his own plane. I will never forget the times he would fly my brothers and I in his plane from his home town to our home two-and-a-half hours away by car and a half hour away by plane. I loved flying in my grandpa's plane. He was a meticulous pilot who carefully inspected his plane every time he took it out. I'll never forget his mention of the copilot, the bug that lived in the headlight of his Cessna or having to climb up on the wing to enter his cockpit. It always amazed me that we could stand on the wing and walk across it when we climbed into his plane. There was never any fear inside of me when I flew with my grandpa. Being up in the air and seeing what was below was amazing. I loved it and was pleased that our trip was shortened. Often over the years I have thought about these flights. My grandfather was careful as he was with everything he did. I trusted flying with him. These trips will forever remain firmly imprinted in my mind. Flying requires trust and the belief that the pilot has all the qualifications to fly the plane. Trusting my grandfather was easy because he showed me that he was trustworthy. It isn't everyone that I would trust to fly me in their plane but I knew that I could trust my grandpa. He earned my trust.

God is also trustworthy. His promises always come true. I think about this when I was pregnant with my youngest and unemployed. Interviews were unsuccessful in providing the job I needed. All I could do was pray and trust that God would provide a job. I was in the hospital delivering my youngest when I was offered a job, the one I had been hoping for. I was reminded then that God always comes through. He promises to take care of us. Psalm 20:7 says, "Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God." Not all people are trustworthy but we can always turn to God who is trustworthy.

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