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Hexagonal Thinkers

I am a hexagonal thinker and because of that I have a wider vision of things. I see the big picture and see things we need to change with youth programs, children's ministries, outreach in the community, evangelism and treatment programs. My mind sees how to do it. But hexagonal thinkers can only plant seeds for square-pegged and round-pegged minds. Round-pegged and square-pegged thinkers can't see past what is currently happening and despite the ideas that the hexagonal thinker presents, they can't catch all of the vision. They get stuck on the way to execute it effectively. It seems impossible and unrealistic to their square-pegged and circle-pegged minds. So the edges of the hexagonal thinker rub away at the square-pegged and circle-pegged minds but only seeds are planted. They cannot catch the entire vision. I am that hexagonal thinker, that seed planter. Seed planting is hard and difficult work as people do not see as I see. My mind sees options and solutions in all I do. I'm not limited by situations and circumstances. But being a hexagonal thinker is exhausting work. Helping others see your vision is work that can take years of planting seeds. Yet, this is one of the jobs God has given me. In the mean time I continue to share the vision and dream God has given me. My desire is to continue to share this with others so that eventually my dream of beginning intensive treatment programs for children who have been sexually abused will become a reality. What I see I know God will bring to fruition. In the mean time I will continue talking to people, networking and praying.

Are you a hexagonal thinker who has a vision of what needs to be done? May you not lose heart. God puts visions into people's minds so that they will make a difference. This is what Nehemiah did. He saw a need to help his people rebuild their city so he told the king. Nehemiah was given permission to leave his job and return to his people. He helped them rebuild their city wall. Despite opposition and difficulties Nehemiah never lost heart in what he set out to do. His encouragement, organization and wisdom led to the completion of the task to rebuild the city wall. This is what we need to do. Just as Nehemiah did we need to continue to pursue the vision God impresses on our minds to do. We need hexagonal thinkers in the world today. May we not lose heart. Our job is to pray, to network and to allow God to lead. In time our efforts will eventually pay off.

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