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Spiritual Health

Last summer just one thing I did left me weak and exhausted.  I'd weed for twenty minutes and have to rest.  Every weekend I spent sleeping in bed.  Exhaustion consumed me.  Little things left me tired.  Even carrying bags of groceries from the car to my home fatigued me.  This spring my weakness escalated to the point where I could hardly walk across the parking lot to my car.  After work I'd collapse in bed at night.  Finally, I scheduled an appointment to see my doctor and she ran lab work and discovered what I already knew that the supplements I was taking were not helping my anemia.  I remained at the same level I was at the year before.  She scheduled an appointment for me to see a hematologist and I began iron infusions.  Slowly, my energy level improved.  I can now lift bags of mulch and work in my yard without the fatigue I used to have.  My energy levels are slowing improving.  It feels like I am twenty years younger.  Illness can slowly reach its way into our lives and overtake us.  This can also happen in our spiritual lives. We can become so busy that we stop observing the Sabbath, we can become distracted by television, movies, sports, politics, our families . . . Life can distract us with all kinds of things that take us away from growing spiritually and gradually we realize we are getting spiritually sicker as our minds become less focused on eternal things.  We stop praying as often as we should and we stop reading our Bibles.  Slowly, we float away from God rather than toward Him.  May we daily find a quiet time to pray, read our Bible and focus on God so we become healthy spiritually.

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