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A Divine Appointment

It had been a tough day and I was running on one hour of sleep. I headed over to the health food store to purchase a few necessary items before heading home, thankful that the week was over. As I crossed the street I saw a friend of mine that I hadn't seen in years and I called out to her as she was crossing the street. We stepped out of the busy street and talked for a few minutes. It was a blessing to see her and to reconnect again. God blessed me with a friend just when I needed it most.

As I walked into the store to purchase the items I needed I couldn't help thanking God for this blessing. Somehow He orchestrated things so she and I crossed paths that day just when I needed it. It brought a smile to my face as I thought about how God made this possible. It wasn't a coincidence. It was God.

How many of us have moments like these? Do we thank God for these special times? Do we recognize them for the Divine appointments that they are? I hope we will take the time to thank God for these special moments that He gives to us.

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